Discounted goods

21st Century Discount Giants

We’ve officially entered the age of discount culture. Our previous satisfaction with buying cool things at their retail prices is now a thing of the past, with a plethora of sites now dedicated to ensuring we never have to pay full price for pretty much anything again.

But some of these sites stand head and shoulders above their competitors, having well and truly conquered the money-saving masses. Whether it’s domestic essentials, awesome experiences or cheeky novelties, these guys have got you covered. Behold the discount giants of the 21st century – and rejoice in the glorious affordability.

1. Wowcher

Wowcher is any 21st century saver’s best friend. With everything from cosmetics and household items to holidays and oddities, this money-saving miracle is a trusty companion for absolutely anyone looking to scrimp, save and slash their way to financial satisfaction. The massive savings, the vibrant array of deals and discounts, and the intense urgency of time-sensitive offers are just a few of the reasons that Wowcher is the reigning discount king.

2. Groupon

This thrifty beauty is a must-have for anyone looking to save big money on just about anything. The range of deals Groupon offers is absolutely insane — and with featured deals as hot as you’ll find here, you’ll struggle to resist. Groupon tells you it straight, giving you the hard sell followed by the small print – so that you can have the most informed mega-deals available. On top of that, having entire sections dedicated to cheap getaways and irresistible events, it now actually costs less to go further. Amazing, right?

3. UniDays

UniDays is the student shopping holy grail. The site offers exclusive discounts on everything from fashion to electricals and makes otherwise stressful student life very, very bearable. Students far and wide exploit this excellent money-saving hub for all it’s worth, ensuring that what may seem like luxurious lifestyles are actually entirely affordable.

4. Student Beans

The site which describes its offering as ‘student stuff made easy’ couldn’t really be more spot-on. Student Beans gives cash-strapped students access to a world of online goodies, including but not limited to sizzling hot deals. It spans just about every aspect of the student experience, with travel, fashion, awesome days out and decadent nights in all well and truly covered. And in case you somehow become bored with unbelievable discounts, the thriving Student Beans community offers some lovely relief from that particular hardship.

5. Vouchercloud

The voucher cutters of yore might have thought they had it good – but they never saw Vouchercloud. A self-acclaimed ‘one stop shop’ in the world of savings, this site brings crazy discounts from the realms of fitness, fashion and food together in one wonderfully affordable place. Forget having to fork out for an Italian or splash out on gym memberships — this site has taken care of that and your bank balance will feel the benefits in no time.