One pound coins

7 Amazing Things You Can Get For Less Than a Quid

So you’ve got £1 and don’t know where to spend it. This is a common problem, especially as this is too much change to waste, but nowhere near enough to do anything remotely awesome – incorrect. Those of you who are well and truly skint will be amazed and delighted to find out that there are actually tons of awesome things you can do with your shiny pound coin (dirty coins are also fine).

Here are some of our favourites. Feel free to spend it all at once.

A Front Seat

Ever fancied getting close to the action on your favourite TV shows? You’ll be amazed to hear that this doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams, or a reality for multimillionaires alone. Fans of many major shows on the BBC, Channel 4 and other networks can grab a seat in the audience for free.

Solid Gold

Yep, that’s right. You can buy solid gold for a quid. If opulence is your aim, this is absolutely the way to spend your hard-earned pound coin. Right now 1 English pound can buy you approximately 0.00131 ounces. Amazing, right? Get your hands on some of that golden goodness now and you’ll be crawling with gold-digging new friends.

Independent Swag

Etsy is a beautiful site, full to the brim with independent retailers selling their gorgeous homemade goods – and some of them are so lovely they’ll even give you products for free, meaning all you have to do is pick up the delivery costs. So whether you want jewellery, knickknacks or pure novelty, you can find them all on Etsy — and some of it will even be free.


If you’ve got a taste for culture on the cheap, this can be yours for less than £1 — nothing, in fact. Museums and art galleries across the country offer completely free experiences, allowing you to give your cultural credentials a boost without having to pay for it. Check it out.

All Expenses Paid

Better yet, how about a trip to one of many countries across the planet with accommodation sorted? At the cost of some of your time, you can travel abroad and have an amazing, free experience, simply by volunteering as an English-speaking guide while you’re there. Diverbo is the place to go for this awesome offer — and we assure you, it’s 100% legit.

Social Media for Animals

Got a pet without any mates? Not a problem. For as little as absolutely nothing, your domestic animal can find the creature equivalent of Facebook fame. Yummypets is a social network designed with animals in mind, allowing your cat/dog/micro pig the chance to interact with future buddies across the globe and find the online acknowledgement we look for on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If this sounds like a rational and sane concept to you, head on over to Yummypets and create your pet’s account right now. Time’s a-wasting.

A Trip to Amsterdam

Oh yes – thanks to the glorious Megabus, you can find trips to stunning cities like London and Amsterdam for around £1. While we can’t promise this is the most glamorous mode of transport available, it’s hard to fault a trip to the Netherlands that you can buy with loose change. You’ll be riding a bike around windmills and wearing clogs in no time!

Spend sensibly, kids.