21st century financial toolkit

The 21st Century Financial Toolkit

Whether or not you consider yourself a part of the technorati elite or a silver surfer, chances are you’ve encountered a website, program or mobile app designed to make your life easier. There’s been a recent boom in financial websites and apps,with more and more people turning to technology to save money, time, and get tasks done on the go. So in the spirit of saving time and money, we’re rounding up the best tech-tools out there to help you keep on top of budgeting.

Gone are the days when you had to make complicated spreadsheets or sit down with a calculator and all your shopping receipts to stay on top of your spending. There’s now a plethora of money management resources available online which simplify the dreaded process of tackling your finances, and can even make budgeting fun — don’t believe us? Let’s look at the best mobile apps, websites and tools to help you keep your finances in check.

With our help, you can build a financial planning toolkit right in your pocket, allowing you to obliterate your money troubles on the go!

Mobile Apps

Money Dashboard

One mobile money management app to rule them all. Money dashboard provides a fully comprehensive mobile banking service, allowing you quick and easy access to your finances, wherever you are. This secure app puts all of your bank accounts in one place — and the nifty transaction tagging feature also shows you what you’re spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The clever technology groups your outgoings into categories such as bills, groceries and travel — allowing you to see where your money is going. Best of all? It’s free. Money Dashboard is available for iOS and Android.


Like having an accountant in your pocket, Toshl is an all-in-one solution to your budgeting needs. Features include an expense tracker, allowing you to input all your purchases throughout the day — goodbye expense receipts. You can even produce a spending report in PDF, Excel and Google Docs formats, fancy eh? And it doesn’t stop there — Toshl allows you to set budgets for yourself, organise bills, set payment reminders and compare your spending to the previous month. Our favourite feature is the currency converter — allowing you to track your holiday spending in over 165 different currencies. Toshl is free to download and available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.


Money certainly doesn’t grow on trees — but it might grow in your bank account with the help of this nifty app. Voted the number one money app in the Apple store in 2013, OnTrees works by fetching data from your online banking, virtually combining all of your money into one place for ultimate easy access. Users can log into this free app using a unique passcode, giving them instant access to their money. The beauty of this app is its visual appeal — transforming your bank balance into easy-to-understand graphs and charts – so you can see how much money you’re spending, where you’re spending it and what you’re spending it on. You can also check out trends in your spending habits, assessing your saving potential. OnTrees is available for iOS in the app store – although it isn’t currently available for Android, OnTrees promise that a Google friendly app is in the works for future release.


This Is Money

Multi-time winner of ‘Financial Website Of The Year’, This Is Money provides the ultimate financial resource. A team of industry experts brings you the latest financial news, debt management advice and money saving tips and tricks. From personal finance to global news, This Is Money should be your first port of call when searching for information. Their handy guides section provides a great resource if you’re looking for a bit of help to get out of sticky financial situations — or if you’d rather just avoid them in the first place.

Student Beans

Exactly what it sounds like, Student Beans is dedicated to student living on a tight budget. This nifty little website is dedicated to giving students access to only the very sweetest deals. Student Beans compiles the best offers, discounts and promotions into one easy place, giving you access to spend-shattering deals. Offers include discounts at restaurants, bars, cinemas and plenty more — all exclusively for students. Just like a tin of beans, this site goes hand in hand with student life — a money saving essential.


The self-titled money-saving champion, this handy free website brings together the best offers around the web into one easy place. We found VoucherCloud to have some of the best offers around with great brands. You can either print vouchers or use their handy mobile app on the go. With an enormous range of offers available on everything from food and drink to travel and beauty products, there’s something for just about everyone. The clever mobile app uses location services to find you offers for restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment near you.

‘There’s an app for that’ is now truer than ever, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that technology can make tackling your finances easy — even helping you save!