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Three Ways To Spend A Skint Saturday

We’ve all been there — those last few weeks of the month when your last paycheck didn’t quite stretch far enough. Perhaps you’re regretting that big night out last weekend or going on that shopping spree instead of saving. Chin up, though – there are plenty of fun things to do when you’re skint. We’re compiling our list of sizzling summer activities that will cost you absolutely nothing – and some are them are even fun!

Work On That Slammin’ Beach Bod

A pro-active approach is key to getting fit — and when it comes to exercising on a budget, it’s time to get creative. As much as we like to use it as an excuse, looking good isn’t just for the rich and pampered. Getting fit doesn’t have to mean expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment. It requires one thing and one thing only — willpower. And fortunately for us, that’s 100% free. We’re not going to leave you with that, though — got access to the internet? Excellent, you’ve just saved yourself a gym membership.

The internet is full of wonderful and free resources for exercise. Check out YouTube for an endless supply of exercise videos and tutorials including aerobics, circuits, weightlifting and stretches. Don’t forget: nutrition is fifty percent of the battle when getting fit — luckily there are thousands of nutrition and healthy eating recipes and videos online too to give you a cheeky kickstart.

Top Tip: No weights to lift? Water bottles and canned food make excellent substitutes for dumbbells.

Become One With the Wilderness

Leave the smoggy city for the countryside with a spot of wild camping this weekend! Sound exciting? Good, because wild campers have a lot of fun in store. Wild camping allows you to escape the busy tourist towns and avoid campsite fees. It’s also a great chance to see some unspoilt, beautiful countryside, off the beaten track. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and pack a picnic – wild camping is a great chance to drink the dregs of alcohol in the booze cupboard. Chuck them (the bottles, that is) in the car boot with a tent, some deck chairs and a few other essentials and away you go!

In the UK it’s perfectly legal to camp in the wild, as long as you have permission from the landowner – and this could be as simple as ringing up the landowners and asking. Most people will be welcoming and tolerant if you’re friendly, respectful and leave the area as you found it. The great thing about wild camping is you don’t have to adhere to strict campsite rules about noise — you can be as merry or quiet as you like. Happy camping.

Be a Millionaire For the Day

Always wondered how the other half live? Get a taste of the high-life by pretending to be an oil-baron for the day. So dress up in your finest attire and head down to your nearest car dealers to test drive some sweet wheels. They don’t know who you are or what your budget is – and as long as you’ve got a driver’s licence, the car’s yours (albeit for 15 minutes).

And the same applies to estate agents – ever fancied looking around a mansion? Now you can. Spend the afternoon looking up the nicest houses for sale in your area, then call up and arrange a viewing. As long as you can convince them that you could be a prospective buyer, nothing’s stopping you from having a nose around the homes of the rich and famous!

If you fancy something a bit more conservative when you’re skint, don’t forget to check out event listings in your local area. Most museums and exhibitions are free and can definitely pad out an otherwise boring Saturday with a spot of culture. Check out Visit Britain for some inspiration.