Text loans

Text Loans: At Last I Get the Message

The advent of high powered mobile phones and tablets has led to changes in the way that many things are done. Text messaging can now be used for many things as well as just communicating with people and here we discuss some of them, including the ability to apply for same day cash loans instantly using a text message.

A few months ago I finally realised that I could avoid it no more, no amount of burying my head in the sand would help here, (yes, I know that Ostriches don’t really do that but it’s a great image to have in one’s head so I keep on using it). My girlfriend’s mother had finally mastered the art of composing and sending a text message. OK, so it went to the wrong person but that didn’t matter, it went and that’s what’s important, it went.

Stamps no longer make an impression

Finally we have transitioned from a world of handwritten letters in scented envelopes with a lick to seal flap and a 1st class postage stamp stuck neatly and lovingly on the top right hand corner of the front of the envelope over to a way of sending messages that does not need a stamp, an envelope or taking to a red box at the end of the street before a certain time.

Now with computers, communications and the clever-dick wizz-bang gadget community being what it is, never satisfied with the mayhem it creates, we find that not only can we send messages to one another almost instantly but we can now pay for things by the same method. I went to a car park in London recently where the option to pay by text message was available.

I didn’t use it because I didn’t think I’d get it right. There are so many things to go wrong with a text message, I have fat fingers and frequently type things wrong on the silly mobile keyboard. I hate predictive text because it never predicts what I want to say, or even come close to it. People laugh at me because I bought a neat little 7” tablet, which I love, but I love it more when I connect it to a Bluetooth keyboard so it behaves like a proper laptop and I lose all the benefit of it being a 7” tablet that fits in my pocket.

Parking by text – I just didn’t get the message

So I paid for my parking with cash, money that I keep on my pocket exactly for that purpose, my parking meter money which is absolutely sacrosanct and does not ever get used for anything else. That’s just me being awkward though because I know that, if I bothered to learn how to do it I could save myself all the hassle of carrying lots of heavy change in my pocket and just use my super powerful mobile phone to text the payment for me.

In fact, I’m so determined that I’m going to make it my new year’s resolution to pay for everything I can by text so I don’t have to carry money, or at least not as much and no change at all which will actually lighten my load when driving and should help to reduce my fuel bills.

The other great thing about paying for parking by text, or so I’m told, is that the car park operator sends you a text message when you are about to run out of credit so that you can either top up, (by text of course), or dash back to your vehicle just before it runs out only to find that the car park attendant also gets these texts and is waiting at the side of your car with penalty ticket issuing machine in readiness.

Call me cynical but there’s got to be something in it for them, or maybe I am cynical and the text message is really just finding and achieving its true potential.

So where else can the text message take us – to the provision of text loans perhaps?

So where else can we go with the text message? When I had a proper job, my staff used to send me undecipherable text messages explaining why they were going to be late, or not in at all. It took me months before I realised that “Lol” was not a person but simply an acronym for laughing out loud – I bet they were.

As my journey into SMS, (Small Meaningless Sentences), territory progressed I learned of yet more uses to which text messages could be put. Competitions could be entered, music could be purchased and downloaded and, to my amazement, I learned that if you found yourself in need of a few quid when your mobile phone bill arrived, you could also arrange short term loans by text. These loans will from now on forever be referred to as text loans – I much prefer the English language variant over text speak, or geek speak – as in txt loans or SMS loans.

The availability of text loans is, of course, just a single step onwards from the kind of (almost) instant, cash loans that you can already arrange from your laptop or desktop computer by visiting the website of your chosen short term or payday lender.

In most cases you will still need to complete the initial sign up procedure on the lender’s website using a laptop or similar but once that is done, all further requests for text loans can be carried out by text, as you go, on the move – mobile money has arrived!

Text loans are convenient but exercise a little caution!

There are, as ever, a few things to watch out for if you’re thinking of applying for a text loan. Firstly, please take careful note that these loans are only intended to be short term arrangements and that they are generally only available for fairly small amounts. In many cases the period of the loan will only be a few days, 10 days seems common, after which there may be an extension fee which can start to really add up. Always read the lenders terms and conditions carefully and remember that, although text loans are fast to arrange and the text message used to arrange them may be free, the text loan that you end up getting most certainly won’t be.