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Blogwatch: 5 Pretty Nifty Thrift Blogs

The blogosphere is positively bursting at the seams with money-saving preachers convinced they’ve got the miracle cure to your perpetual skintness — but few have got the goods to deliver on that promise. At Instant Lolly, we know how to separate the phonies from the pros – and to prove it, we’ve found the masters of money-saving, guaranteed to cure whatever ails your wallet.

Miss Thrifty

This online treasure trove of frugal tips and expert money-saving advice is the perfect companion for anyone looking to cut a few cheeky financial corners. With money-saving hacks on everything from supermarket shopping to travelling on a budget, spending less and saving more has never been so delightfully easy. Check out Miss Thrifty’s innovative workaround for the in-car DVD player and take it from there.


Wonderthrift is one of our favourite thrift blogs out there — and it’s also a bit of a looker. Here you’ll find an array of life-changing money-saving gems, all wrapped up in a pretty, eco-friendly gift box. Whether you need actionable DIY tips for saving cash or need to shake up your spending outlook, you can find everything you need right here. We’d start with these quick & retro kitchen pick-me-ups — and from there, the Wonderthrift world is yours to explore.

Frugal Family

This money-saving marvel takes cash-strapped readers through the experiences of living on a budget with the family. The best thing about Frugal Family is that it teaches us what’s possible without having to overspend — and offers a delightfully sunny outlook on scrimping and saving your way to financial stability. This handy little post on cutting down your energy bill is a perfect example of how easy it can be to supersize your savings.

Pretty Thrifty

Pretty thrifty is a money-saving blog with a difference — and that’s because its wealth of economical advice is reserved solely for brides-to-be. This thrifty wedding blog is the saviour of skint soon-to-be-marrieds the world over, with an array of excellent money-saving options on everything from dresses to decor. Try this one on for size.

A Thrifty Mrs

Last but by no means least is A Thrifty Mrs with the holy grail of money-saving blogs. Looking for style tips on a budget? Looking for a meal that’ll cost you pennies? Looking for gift ideas that won’t leave you bankrupt? She’s got all that stuff. And she’s even got tips on DIY lock-fitting, as you’ll see right here. Long live the internet.

Happy saving!