Best Payday Loans: Where Can You Be Sure of Finding them?

With so many options available now for those who need a short term financial quick fix in order to tide them over until their next payday, how can people be sure that they are being offered the best payday loans?

Finding the best payday loans is not a walk in the park, but it may well a walk in the shopping centre

As I walked, recently, through a well-known and very busy shopping centre in Leeds, a large Northern UK town, I noticed that there were several outlets that offered instant decision loans, nearly all of them claiming to be the best loans. These outlets usually offered other financial services as well, including cheque cashing services, pawn broking and others.

The question I asked myself is this; is a shop on the high street, where I will be in plain view to passers-by, the best place to carry out a loan application and find the best payday loans?

For some, of course, this solution is perfectly fine and would meet their needs very well. In particular, such outlets can sometimes make it possible for you to walk out with hard cash in your hand and, as such, they are probably the only providers that can do that.

Let’s pick up the phone and talk about the best payday loans

Others might prefer the option of scanning the advertisements in their local newspaper or other publications and picking up the telephone in order to make an application. Again this may suit some people but you would need to listen very carefully to what was being said, make appropriate notes and it may take more than one call to complete the transaction.

For those who do not yet have Internet access, or prefer not no shop online, the telephone application may be the next best thing but, although the previous two ways to find the best payday loans may be suitable for some, it is hard to make comparisons when you don’t have information from all the relevant lenders in front of you for comparison.

In most cases these days the most effective, safest and quickest way to find the best payday loans is to search the Internet for them. It goes without saying that this type of activity should not be carried out on a shared computer or in a public place using the kind of unsecured Wi-Fi access that is frequently provided free of charge in coffee bars, pubs and public places such as railway stations and airports. It is generally unsafe to provide personal and financial details over such links because they are generally unencrypted and your data may be unsafely transferred.

The best payday loans online are easy to find

It’s no surprise how easy it is to find and arrange payday loans online thanks to search engine technology such as that used by Google, Bing and the other leading search engines.

Of course, the term ‘best’ is very subjective, so consider what’s important to you and use a search phrase that best fits your requirement – for example, if it’s fees you’re concerned about, use a phrase such as “no fee payday loans”, otherwise just enter “best payday loans”, which will bring you pages full of results with companies, who of course, claim to offer the best payday loans online.

Try to select a few that seem to fit the bill and then start the process of narrowing down the list into a shortlist of two or three potential providers. Make sure that the sites you select are of a good quality, without spelling errors and broken links as these are all indicators of a shoddy operation and let’s be honest, they’re unlikely to offer the best loans online either. It’s also a legal requirement, for companies who offer loans online, to be licensed under the Consumer Credit Act – if a site does not display their licence details prominently, it’s extremely likely that they are not licensed or have something else to hide, so move on.

Get the full facts before deciding on who offers the best payday loan for your particular needs

Most of the best payday loan websites now offer some easy way to find out how much you can borrow, for how long you can borrow it and what will be the amount repayable at the end of the loan period – normally your next payday. It should always be clearly stated as to when the repayment will be made, and how.

You should not have to enter any of your personal data in order to obtain this information. If, having found a site that offers what you want, then, and only then, should you be requested to enter your personal details in order that the application can begin to move forward.

As long as you follow these basic guidelines your quest to find the best payday loans will be a short but very productive one.