7 Life Hacks for a Heavenly Skint Summer

Summertime is upon us which means it’s time for riding waves, catching rays and getting in touch with our inner children. This is a season made for parties and play — but without the necessary preparations, you could be in for a total downer. So whether you’re bored, skint or out of ideas, here are all the life hacks you’ll need for your best summer yet.


The Collaborative BBQ

Barbecues are the absolute epitome of summertime. Combined with an ice bucket full of cheap beer and hours of relentless sunshine, a barbecue overflowing with various meat products really is the ultimate way to celebrate the summer. But the question asked by every good host is: how does one accommodate a BBQ without going mental or bankrupt?

If you’ve got mates who are unlikely to notice or care about being exploited, take advantage of their generosity and love of social gatherings by introducing a fun element to your BBQ where each invitee brings something to throw on the fire. The team effort gratification will be immense, and the BBQ itself will taste even better because you didn’t pay for the food.

Seasonal Shopping

Impulse shopping is a regular occurrence during summertime, when your outlook is sunny and your sense of personal freedom is at an all-time high. What’s worth noting, though, is that planning your purchases by the season guarantees some serious strategic savings.

Need to work on that swimsuit body while the sun’s still out? Gym memberships take a nosedive in June following an aspirational increase around New Year — so this is the time to work it out.

And if you fancy instigating a killer garden party to catch rays and drink some cold ones with friends, you’re going to need the apparatus to make your garden gathering a success. Luckily for you, July is the perfect time to get your hands on new furniture — with most stores cutting prices to get rid of old products, so they can make way for Autumn’s new styles.


Lip-Smacking Anti-Theft Device

Don’t fancy losing your possessions or being robbed at the beach? Of course you don’t. And thanks to the sophisticated engineering of Chapstick and Lip Smacker tubes, that isn’t something you need to worry about. Empty out the inside, roll up a tenner and pop it inside — that’s some pretty discreet money management right there.

Free Beach Speakers

If you need a beach party soundtrack but can’t fund the real thing, makeshift phone speakers are just about the easiest thing to improvise. Got a pint glass? Yep, that’s you sorted – place your phone inside and marvel as the sound is mysteriously amplified at a cost of precisely nothing.


At Instant Lolly, we love coupon culture. Sites like Wowcher and Vouchercloud offer awesome discounts and sexy special offers on almost anything – and that includes your summer essentials. If you fancy spending an afternoon in your favourite beer garden or investing in some coconut oil while you work on the tan, these life-saving resources have got money off everything from restaurants to beauty products (and beyond).

Style Tips

Instant Beach Waves

For girls who can never seem to find that perfect summertime beach wave, your prayers are answered. The reason those expensive salt sprays are the key to every girl’s dream tousled effect is because seawater itself is the miracle cure your hair’s been looking for. Take a dip in the ocean this summer, let some of that lovely salt in and you’ll have waves like the deep blue itself.

Fragrance Free Loveliness

If you’re the kind of girl who admits to wasting too much money on extortionately priced fragrances, you’ll be relieved to hear that you can give your balance a break this summer. Forget designer perfumes — your suntan lotions and coconut oils have a light, summery scent guaranteed to turn heads at the beach, and keep your skin delightfully protected and hydrated.