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Blogwatch: 5 Superior Student Blogs

The student landscape can get pretty grey sometimes, with horizons that are all deadlines, food rations and another metric ton of problems only students will understand. But thanks to the rise of the student blog, simple living and higher education have never been so bearable.

At Instant Lolly, we know how important it is to make the ‘life’ side of student living as exciting and affordable as physically possible — which is why we’ve scoured the internet on hands and knees looking for the best of the best when it comes to student life blogs. And we think we’ve pretty much cracked it.

So if you’re a skint student looking for salvation, here’s your reading list.

Scape Living

Scape Living is a site dedicated to helping students find stunning and affordable accommodation throughout London. Through a combination of unmatched quality accommodation and majorly competitive prices, this innovative company is breaking new ground on the student living front. Better yet though, a little exploration of the Scape Living site and you’ll find yourself at their student blog, offering an array of miraculous features on everything from decorating your student digs to earning while you learn – and just about everything in between. Take a look for yourself and see how Scape Living’s exceptional student blog could revolutionise your university experience.

Update: is no longer available.

Social Student

Take a trip to the Social Student site and right away you’ll find some serious eye candy. This beauty of a student blog is exhaustive and elegant answer to student issues — and it isn’t just a pretty face. Explore a little further and you’ll see that the site’s got money-saving miracles, revolutionary study guides and even tips on how to optimise your social life. On top of that, Social Student is a comprehensive source for news, politics and student-specific product reviews. Basically, if you’re student, this site has got what you need — and when life gets a little expensive, check out the discounts page to redeem the sweet savings.

Pure Student Living

Pure Student Living is another accommodation giant, enabling London-based students to find bespoke student residences without the stress. Inside the blog, you’ll find a range of life-saving London living advice on everything from shopping and culture to food and booze, transforming student life from a financial minefield into a walk in the proverbial park. Check out the Pure blog now for insider info on everything you could be doing when you’re not studying.


StudentUniverse is the cash-strapped student’s solution to travelling on a budget, offering a glorious array of cheap student travel options, whether you’re flying, riding the rail or looking for a place you can actually afford to stay. Complete with an exclusive student deals section where you can find money off travel, eats and everything in between, StudentUniverse really is the only way to get around. Take a look at the student blog for travel tips galore, from what to do in Amsterdam to the basics of backpacking around Europe – and much more than that.

Urbanest UK

Urbanest UK is the ultimate student community, offering student living spaces and support networks throughout the capital. Here you’ll find another range of competitively priced accommodation, complete with reviews and cheeky extras to make the hunting process even easier. But don’t leave Urbanest without getting knee deep in this one-of-a-kind student blog, providing absolutely everything students will ever need to make university life awesome, fun-filled and as cheap as physically possible. It doesn’t get much better than that.