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Online Payday Loans – Never Mind the Paperwork

With the availability of financial products becoming more and more straightforward, thanks largely to development in communications and Internet technology, it’s easier to arrange online payday loans than ever before.

Has the paperless office just moved a little closer to reality, and will the paperless home follow suit?

The idea of a paper free office, workplace or home is something that many people have expressed an interest in achieving. The paper free carrot has been dangled a thousand times but the stick is never far away – it just doesn’t seem possible to completely remove written or printed administration out of our business and private lives.

This seemed particularly true when dealing with complex or important documents such as those needed when applying for a loan, before the time when it became possible to obtain loans online.

What is the reason for this enduring love affair with paper and ink? It’s a habit; one which has worked its way into our subconscious mind over centuries. We have a habit of needing to see things written down or printed out before we can believe that they are actually real and capable of being taken seriously.

Not exactly a pressing matter but one worth thinking about

When  Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450 he did a lot more than just revolutionise the way in which the works of early authors could be reproduced and distributed, he began the process, which still continues to this day, of committing almost every thought and concept that we have to paper in one way or another.

From the humble shopping list through to the epic novel, we love to write what we think. Sometimes we do so in order that others may read what we write and other times we simply write notes and observations for our own consumption.

Only recently, however, did I think that there may just be an end in sight for all of this. True, I also thought this when I first saw the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and realised that a small, paper thin, device like that could easily store more books than I would be able to read in a lifetime, let alone two weeks in the sun whilst on holiday. I thought, for a while, that the Kindle would replace the printed book and it has to some extent, however books continue to be printed and sold – it just gives the reader more choice as to how he or she chooses to read.

What I saw was a piece of computer software, an app in fact, that enabled paper forms to be converted into electronic ones and a signature obtained electronically, without the need for a pen.

How appropriate – it’s an app!

With this app, anyone who needs to obtain signatures on forms can do so wherever they are. Pens and paper are no longer needed and the resultant, signed form can be stored digitally in an encrypted way that would, in the event of theft, render the information stored on it completely useless. The paper form and the pen have been replaced by a mobile computer or, more likely nowadays, a smartphone or tablet.

Financial products such as online payday loans are paper free

So it has now become normal practice to make our purchases online and submit our data electronically. Applying for a financial product, such as a payday loan, is now also, effectively, paper free.

Documents signed in this way are also legally binding, which brings me to the real point that I am making; applying for financial products like payday loans and other services no longer has to be done in person and no longer needs to be done on paper. Anyone can now apply for instant loans online, and more recently, online loans with monthly repayments (instalment loans),  from the comfort of their own homes and be safe in the knowledge that their information is safe and secure.

So if a situation has occurred which has left you in a position to need a short term financial boost to tide you over until the next payday, it is good to know that you can jump onto your browser and organise a payday loan online with the click of a mouse.

There may very well be times when you need to talk to an online direct lender on the telephone and certain documents may still exist on paper for very good reasons but the general trend for this type of application is away from paper, rather than towards it.

Online payday loans are out there – use your browser to find them and don’t worry about the paperwork!