Instant decision payday loans

Instant Decision Payday Loans Are Now Made Possible by the Internet

Payday loans are not new but the concept of being able to log into a website on the Internet and obtain instant decision payday loans certainly is. In this article we look at the shifts in technology and attitudes that enables this to happen.

You can now get instant cash from an ATM as well as an instant balance or mini statement, and your online banking system will probably let you make instant payments to those that you owe money to without the need to visit one of their branches – there never seems to be any shortage of people who need paying does there?

With alternative systems such as PayPal setting the precedent for instant payments between anyone who has an email address, we have been well and truly exposed to a new technology dominated world where everything does, or is expected to, happen instantly.

“I want it and I want it now” is how we feel about a lot of things but there are, of course, some things that you just have to wait for. Thankfully, now that the Internet has become not only accessible to most people, it has also become something else that we should all be grateful for, it has become secure.

Ever since the famous, or is it infamous? Data Protection Act came into force in 1998, there has been a steady but unavoidable increase in regulation as to how our personal details are held and managed by the commercial organisations that we divulge them to. Although it might not seem so, the Data Protection Act was not devised simply to deal with internet based organisations and the data that they held about us. In 1998, although the Internet was definitely there, it was not the online alternative to the high street that it has become today. At that time I was a regular user and exponent of mailshots for marketing purposes and worked for an organisation that would send out some 25,000 full colour catalogues every quarter, mainly to businesses, but sometimes to private individuals as well.

The way in which that name and address data had been collected, and the rather haphazard way in which it was stored, initially on card index cards and later transferred to a rather crude mailing list software package, would have made that particular company liable to all sorts of nasty fines and other penalties. It wasn’t that they were at all negligent or irresponsible you understand, but things were rather taken for granted in those days when it came to storing the personal data of its customers and such lists were seldom cleaned unless someone rang in to point out that the recipient of the catalogue just sent out had recently, or sometimes not so recently, passed away.

Nowadays, however, the very thought of handwriting, or typing, details onto an index card would be a complete anathema to most of us, even if you still had access to a typewriter that is. When shopping online we are obliged to pass our details to the online retailer from whom we are making the purchase and generally we think nothing of it. Gradually, over time, the Data Protection Act has permeated into the operating procedures of these online organisations and the lengths to which they go in order to protect our data are quite extreme by the standards of my old catalogue mailing list of fifteen or so years ago.

Now the Internet makes it possible to get instant decision payday loans

In the same way that we can now make an online purchase with relative peace of mind, so too can we arrange payday loans online – what have become known as instant online loans to many people.

car breakdown

Instant loans like  payday loans can help deal with a one-off emergency or an unexpected hefty bill

It is good to know because the circumstances that we find ourselves in when we need a quick injection of cash to take us through to the next payday are themselves usually unplanned and have taken us by surprise. An instant, or at least a very quick, solution is often a necessity and an instant approval payday loan can provide cash we need.

No one plans to have their car break down on a motorway, nor do they plan for the boiler to break down just when the weather is starting to get cold again. These are, in their own small way, emergencies and, as such, often need an emergency solution. It is in circumstances like this that quick instant payday loans online are a welcome development for many people.

Thankfully, a simple Google search for “Instant Payday Loans” will deliver a good choice of providers such as You’ll want to narrow your options down to just the best instant payday loans online – always remember to make sure that there are no fees or hidden costs being charged by the payday loan company and that it is clearly stated how much you will have to repay and when.

Then it’s usually just a matter of providing your details and pressing the button for an instant decision – and your payday loan could be in your account before you have time to make a cup of tea – not instant tea though because, as we all know, that’s not very nice.