Counting the Cost of Christmas

Have You Been Left Counting the Cost of Christmas?

Christmas is a great time of year, probably the best – the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends and family, exchange gifts, and over-indulge to the greatest extent possible.

Of course this comes with a price tag, in fact, quite a hefty one. The estimated Christmas spend per person is £490 – how did you fair in comparison? The amount you’re likely to spend varies  hugely depending on the region you live -for tight northerners like me, it could be a more modest outlay of just £316, however, for party loving Scots, the cost of Christmas could be as much as a whopping £610.

It’s not surprising then, that over a third of us start the New Year in debt due to Christmas spending. We, at InstantLolly, also see a marked  increase in loan applications during this period, due the short-term cashflow issues, it causes for many more.

Check out the infographic below to see more facts and check out how your Christmas spending compared.

Counting the Cost of Christmas
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