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If you are looking to borrow £500, then an instant loan may be one way of accessing cash — and fast. At Instant Lolly, you can choose from a range of £500 loans, repayable in fixed monthly instalments from between one – 24 months

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£500 loans at a glance

Key facts£500 loan
Borrow £500
Loan terms 1 to 24 months
Loan type Payday Loan, Short-term loan (unsecured, no guarantor)
Apply with bad credit? Yes
Some £500 credit products may vary from the description.

How much will a £500 loan cost?

You will receive a personalised no-obligation quote showing accurate costs when you are accepted.

The rate you are offered will be based on your personal circumstances, the loan amount and the repayment term, subject to lender approval.

You can see example repayment costs for our most popular 500-pound loan terms in the table below.

Repayment costs: £500 loans
Term Repayment Total Repayable
1 month £620 £6201
2 months £345 £689
3 months £254 £761
4 months £209 £837
5 months £183 £917
6 months £102 £615
7 months £90 £633
8 months £81 £650
9 months £74 £669
10 months £69 £687
11 months £64 £706
12 months £60 £725
Costs are for illustrative purposes only. Examples are based on rates of 75%–292% per annum and assume regular monthly repayments. 1. Based on a 30-day term.

Can I borrow more or less than £500?

Of course you can! As a responsible finance provider, we would never recommend you borrow more than you actually need and that is why we offer small loans starting from £100.

Should you need more than 500 pounds, you may be pleased to know that we offer loans up to £3000.

Our smaller loans are available in multiples of £100.

Can a £500 loan be repaid in instalments?

At Instant Lolly, our payday and short-term loans are typically repayable from between one – 24 months. Simply choose the most appropriate repayment term for your own unique circumstances.

The original sum borrowed plus interest will be usually repaid in fixed monthly instalments — so you can plan your budget with confidence.

Borrowing example£500 loans over 12 months
Borrow: £500
Term: 12 months
Total interest: £225.50
12 repayments of: £60.46
Total repayable: £725.50
Interest rate: 75%
Costs are for illustrative purposes only.

Can I use 500 pounds for any purpose?

Absolutely! At Instant Lolly, we understand that sometimes there may be occasions when you need to borrow 500 pounds — and for whatever reason. That is why there are no restrictions on what you spend the money on.

Can I apply for a £500 loan with bad credit?

If you have a poor credit history, then you may be worried that you might not be approved for a loan. That is not always the case. We understand that sometimes financial glitches happen — this doesn’t automatically mean we won’t be able to help you.

Provided you meet the eligibility criteria and can show that you will comfortably be able to repay the loan over the agreed period, then our lenders will be very happy to consider your application.

Should our personal loan lenders decide they cannot lend you the full £500 requested, you may receive an offer of an alternative amount or the option of taking out a guarantor loan.

However, as a responsible company, we also reserve the right to refuse any loan application where we believe it is not in a customer’s best interests to take out borrowing.

Can I borrow £500 without a credit check?

Sorry, £500 loans with no credit check do not exist. All UK lenders must carry out proper affordability checks before agreeing a loan, regardless of how small the amount.

But, we can help! When you apply with Instant Lolly, you can check your eligibility with up to fifty £500 loan direct lenders without leaving a visible mark on your credit file.

To check your eligibility, our lenders perform soft credit searches to decide how successful your application would be. Unlike hard searches, soft searches have no impact on your credit score or future credit applications.

Should you receive an offer of a loan and accept it, the lender will then make a complete (hard) search of your credit report, which will be visible to other credit companies for 12 months.

What are the advantages of £500 loans from Instant Lolly?

At Instant Lolly we are proud to offer what we believe is a fast and easy way to access a £500 loan online. We are regulated by the FCA, which means we adhere to strict lending practices and processes that protect you.

We don’t charge you for matching you to a suitable lender.

Also, we genuinely value your privacy. You won’t hear from us unless we have something important to tell you, and we will never share your data with anyone for marketing purposes.

How to apply for a £500 loan

Now you have read through all the important stuff, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. If you’re ready to apply for a £500 loan, simply press ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the short application form to get an instant decision.

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Subject to lenders approval. Time taken to transfer funds may vary depending on the lender and your bank. We do not work with all available lenders.