What are instant decision loans and how do they work?

It might not come as a big surprise to learn that instant decision loans do exactly what it says on the tin.

Apply online, and you'll get a response to let you know whether you've been accepted for your chosen loan almost immediately — in 2-3 minutes. Ta-da! — an instant decision loan.

In fact, when you apply with Instant Lolly, your response will be one of three possible outcomes, which are:

  • A lender accepted your loan application. In which case, we'll take you to the direct lender's website to view your personal no-obligation quote.
  • Your original loan request was not accepted, but someone made you an alternative offer that may be of interest. In which case, we'll take you to the partner's website to view the offer.
  • No offers were made — your application was declined by all of our partners.

Instant decision + fast money transfer

Here at Instant Lolly, we understand that people looking to borrow money online expect more than just a quick decision — they want fast funding too. After all, what's the point of a loan with an instant decision if you then have to wait several days or more for the money to appear in your bank account? So, once you accept an offer and your application is approved, you'll get the cash sent straight away. In most cases, our lenders aim to transfer funds within 15 minutes of approval.

What type of loans are available with an instant decision?

Typically, instant decision loans tend to be smaller unsecured personal loans, such as payday loans and short-term loans. But even so, you can still access substantial sums of money if required, and you won't need a guarantor.

At Instant Lolly, you can apply to borrow from £100–£3,000 and spread repayments over between one and twenty-four months. All of our loans are available with an instant decision — guaranteed!

I have bad credit: will I still be able to get an instant online decision?

Yes, you will. We accept applications from people with below-average credit and alternative forms of income, and the process is the same for everyone regardless of personal or financial circumstances. Consequently, you'll still get an instant online decision even if you have bad credit, rely on benefits or are self-employed.

And because we partner with a wide range of specialist online lenders, we're able to provide loans for all credit types and income scenarios with a high rate of acceptance. So, if you're looking for an instant decision loan for bad credit or any other situation, we can help.

Responsible lending

While we'll always try our very best to help you get you the money you need, your financial wellbeing is our priority. If our lending partners don't feel it's in your best interest to take out credit, unfortunately, we will have to say no to your application.

Will I get an instant decision without a credit check?

Yes, you will. Checking your eligibility doesn't involve a credit check. As a result of your application, you may see one or more soft searches on your credit file, but these are only visible to you and have no effect on your credit score.

When you accept a loan offer, the lender will carry out a full credit check (or equivalent). This is the same for all UK direct lenders — it's a regulatory obligation, so there's no avoiding it when you apply for credit.

If you choose to apply directly with a lender rather than a broker, be aware that not every provider may offer you the opportunity to check your eligibility before you apply. If you need to make a full application to find out if they'll accept you, it will involve a credit check — even if your application is declined. Checking your eligibility first is the best way to protect your credit score.

Will I have to apply with a direct lender if I want an instant decision?

No — brokers like Instant Lolly can provide you with an instant decision too. We pull together decisions from multiple loan providers at once and present you with the best option available — all within 2 or 3 minutes.

What's more, if you look beyond a quick decision, a broker can help speed up your loan search in other ways too, which direct lenders can't. Apply with Instant Lolly and:

  • We'll instantly identify lenders that match your criteria, saving you time and effort shopping around.
  • You'll only need to fill in one application form to access our extensive panel of providers, which includes the majority of the top UK direct lenders.