Short-term loans

Fast 1 to 24 month online loans from £100 to £3,000

When you need to borrow a bit more money than you can afford to repay in one go, spreading the cost over a few months could be the answer. Short-term loans offer you a quick and convenient way to do just that.

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Are you looking for short-term loans online?

If you’re looking to get a short-term loan online, then this guide is for you. It explains all you need to know about them, why you might consider one and how Instant Lolly can help you secure the perfect loan for you and your circumstances.

What are short-term loans?

Short-term loans are small personal loans with a relatively short repayment period.

They are very similar to payday loans, but with the convenience of a longer repayment term; meaning they can be repaid over several months in instalments, rather than in one lump sum. Most short-term loan products range between one month and 12 months, but longer terms are also possible.

For many borrowers (particularly those looking to borrow larger amounts of money), short-term loans are more affordable compared to payday loans because the cost can be spread over several smaller, more manageable repayments. Bear in mind, however, the longer the repayment period, the more interest you may pay over the full term of the loan.

Why might you choose one?

Short-term loans offer an array of features and benefits that you won’t get with any other loan. Below, are the main reasons you might want to consider one.

Features and benefits:
  • flexible borrowing amounts and terms;
  • fast approval and money transfers;
  • suitable for poor credit;
  • unsecured / no guarantor required;
  • fixed repayment schedule;
  • quick and easy online application.

check_circle_outlineInstant Lolly gives you access to the widest range of short loans possible, with terms from 1 to 24 months available.

Is a short loan the best solution for me?

Online short-term loans are quick and easy to arrange, which means they can be handy in emergencies; for instance, when the washing machine breaks down and you are given the news that it will cost more to fix it than to buy a new one.

They’re also flexible. Loan amounts start from just £100 and increase in bite-size chunks, so you can borrow just the amount of money you need. You also get to pick your preferred repayment period, with the assurance of fixed regular payments that work for you and your budget.

Of course, with loans of up to £3,000 available over a maximum of 24 months, short loans have infinitely more uses beyond just helping to keep the household laundry spotless — check out the most common ones below.

How can I use the funds?

Once your loan has been approved, the money will be sent direct to your bank account and you can spend it exactly as you wish.

Common ways people spend short-term loans:
  • car repairs or replacement;
  • opticians or glasses cost;
  • technology breakdown;
  • vet bills or pet costs;
  • appliance replacement.

check_circle_outlineAt Instant Lolly, we have short-term loans for every purpose — starting from £100, right up to £3,000.

How do UK short-term loans work?

Lending regulations vary from country to country, so it’s important to understand how you are uniquely protected when taking out a short-term loan in the UK.

The UK regulatory body for financial services firms is the Financial Conduct Authority (the FCA). Anyone that carries out regulated activities in relation to short-term lending (not just direct lenders) must be authorised by the FCA.

Simply put, dealing with a regulated firm means you have certain rights and protections and ensures that you’ll always be treated fairly.

Stay clear of unauthorised parties

Be aware, however, that unauthorised parties are also known to operate illegally online, so always make sure you know who you are dealing with before making a loan application or handing over personal details.

We also recommend that you never engage with anyone who contacts you out of the blue with the offer of a guaranteed loan — especially if it involves paying an upfront fee. That's not something any responsible loan company would do, so it should set alarm bells ringing right away.

Short-term loan FAQs

Can I get a short-term loan with bad credit?

At Instant Lolly, we can help with short-term loans for all credit types — so you can still apply with us if you have a poor repayment record or limited credit history.

While our lenders will look at your credit report, they are more concerned that you have adequate means to repay your chosen loan and won't be left struggling financially due to taking on new credit.

Been refused elsewhere?

Different loan companies have different requirements and criteria; so, just because you got turned down before doesn't mean you won’t be able to get a loan from someone else.

Instant Lolly can quickly identify the best short-term loans for bad credit situations and check your eligibility with lenders before you apply, ensuring you have a good chance of acceptance when you do.

Can I apply for a short-term loan if I don’t have a regular job?

Yes, you can, but you must have a suitable source of income that can be used to repay the loan; such as self-employed earnings, a pension or benefits.

Every lender has different acceptance criteria, but Instant Lolly can quickly narrow down the right lenders for your situation. Be aware, however, that lenders have monthly income requirements (typically, at least £350); so, if you are unemployed and only receive basic unemployment benefits you are unlikely to qualify for this type of loan.

Lenders will also check to ensure that your income is sufficient to comfortably cover the cost of loan repayments on top of your existing outgoings. Affordability checks are carried out for your protection, so please ensure you are as accurate as possible when filling out your income and expenses.

How quickly will I receive my short-term loan funds?

Short-term loans are quick — very quick. Once you have completed your online agreement and been approved, the lender will send the money to your bank within 15 minutes.

Funds are sent using a system called Faster Payments. It means that the money is usually available almost immediately.

Be aware, however, that on occasions, the process may take longer depending on when you apply, the lender and your bank.

Will applying for a short-term loan involve a credit check?

Ultimately, yes, but there are things you ought to be aware of (read on) — and for the record, short-term loans with no credit check do not exist.

All UK direct lenders are required to make reasonable creditworthiness checks as part of responsible lending practices, and for most, that means a full credit check with a credit reference agency when you apply — even if you're not approved.

However, at Instant Lolly, we check if you’re likely to be accepted before you apply.

A soft search of your credit file provides our lenders with enough information to make a provisional lending decision without leaving a mark on your credit file. So, unless you accept an offer, no credit check will be made and your application won't affect your credit score.

Are short-term loans the same as payday loans?

Short-term loans and payday loans are different products but they are very similar.

Payday loans are repaid on your next payday and have a maximum duration of 30 days or so, whereas, short-term loans offer longer terms of up to 12 months or more and are repaid in multiple instalments.

These days, people often use the two terms interchangeably; because, aside from the length of the loan, they offer exactly the same features and benefits.

At Instant Lolly, we've made it simple. You don't have to worry about what type of loan to choose — just tell us how much you would like to borrow and for how long, and leave the rest to us.

Why choose Instant Lolly for a short-term loan?

Are you looking for short-term loans online because you want something that is quick and easy to apply for? Then we think you’ll love Instant Lolly.

Flexible borrowing — choose from a large range of short-term and payday loans.

Flexible borrowing

Choose the ideal loan amount and repayment term for your needs. We offer loans from £100 to £3,000 over 1 to 24 months.

High acceptance — great approval rates for people with good and bad credit.

High acceptance

Simply fill out our short form and we'll ensure your application reaches all the right lenders for the best chance of approval.

Fast funding — loans with quick decisions and speedy money transfers.

Fast funding

We'll give you a decision in seconds, and you could get money sent to your bank as soon as 15 minutes after approval.

Online convenience — access the best UK direct lenders in one place.

Online convenience

Apply securely online 24 hours a day, seven days a week — via mobile, desktop or tablet. Oh, and it's totally FREE too!

How Instant Lolly can help with short-term loans

At Instant Lolly, we understand that shopping for loans isn't exactly fun, so we aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

We work with an extensive and diverse network of short-term direct lenders, which means we can help find loans for most situations; including people with poor credit history and those with non-typical circumstances.

In less than 2 minutes, we will:

  • identify lenders that match your needs and situation;
  • check your eligibility with suitable lenders;
  • present you with your personalised quote, if accepted.

check_circle_outlineInstant Lolly is fast, free and easy to use; so, if you’re looking for help with your short-term loan search today, why not give us a try?

Can I apply?

To apply you must:

  • be at least 18 and a permanent UK resident;
  • receive a regular income, such as a wage, a pension or benefits.

You will also need:

  • a mobile phone and email address;
  • a UK bank account with a debit card.

Still not sure? Remember:

  • we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, ref: 742221;
  • we are licensed with the Information Commisioners Office, ref: Z3495700;
  • your data is protected using 256-bit SSL security;
  • we are a trusted UK company with a good reputation; trading since 2013.
We respect your privacy and will never use, sell or share your information for marketing purposes.

Important Information

If you do not make your minimum repayment by the agreed upon due date, you may incur additional charges and penalties. If you are having problems paying, please call your credit provider. For other sources of assistance, visit; call the Step Change Debt Charity on 0800 138 1111; or National Debtline on 0808 808 4000; or visit; or visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Loan approval: All loan offers are subject to lender final approval. Approval/transfer times vary by lender. Not all lenders may be able to transfer funds in 15 minutes. Approvals/transfers may take longer for applications processed outside normal working hours. If your bank does not support faster payments, it may take longer for funds to reach your account.

Credit checks: When assessing your eligibility for a loan, lenders will carry out a soft search; only you can see them on your credit report and they have no impact on your credit rating. If you accept a lender's loan offer, they will perform a hard credit search which will be visible to any company searching your credit report for 12 months.

Instant Lolly does not charge customers a fee for using its services, but it receives a commission from lenders or other brokers following an introduction through this website.